At Alford Grove, we're committed to creating a vibrant and sustainable community where every home reflects the essence of modern living. To facilitate this vision, we're thrilled to unveil our new Design Portal — a platform where buyers and their builders can submit plans for review, comment, and approval to ensure compliance with our Design Guidelines.

Our Design Guidelines serve as a blueprint for fostering a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing built environment within our community. These guidelines address key aspects of home design, including landscaping, facades, and sustainability, aiming to foster cohesive streetscapes, individuality in home design, and sustainable homes tailored to our unique climate. By adhering to these guidelines, we strive to maintain a consistently high standard of homes while promoting an orderly construction process that respects the needs of our residents.

With our new Design Portal, we're excited to provide a streamlined and collaborative platform for bringing your dream home to life while upholding the values of sustainability, quality, and community that define Alford Grove.

Welcome to a place where your vision meets our commitment to excellence.

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